Cauliflower casserole

Currently in the oven, an adaptation of this recipe:

I used 2lbs of packaged cauliflower florets (thank you Grocery Outlet bargains), which I steamed in water

I ground them with an immersion blender and a bit over a cup of buttermilk. Seasoned with salt, pepper, a clove of garlic run through a press, some nutmeg, some paprika, and about a TBS of prepared mustard. (Couldn't find powdered mustard here where I'm dogsitting.) Then I blended in 3 eggs (I don't really need souffle-type texture and I suspect I'll eat most of this as leftovers) and stirred in maybe a cup and a half of grated cheddar.

Currently baking at 400 degrees in a large cast iron skillet which had been pre-heated in oven with some oil in it, which I spread around the pan and up the sides before dumping in the cauliflower mixture. And now we wait!

Verdict: not great. It never quite firmed up, probably because it was about 2" high in the pan I used. The flavors were good together but I'd do something different with the texture if I do it again. Which, to be honest, is unlikely. It's a lot of effort for something kind of boring - why not just eat steamed cauliflower and a cheese omelet instead? 

What not to do: roasted vegetables

I wanted to make something like this soup because I had a whole cauliflower and 3 peeled sweet potatoes sitting in my fridge that needed to be used up, pronto. The soup sounded good.

I roasted the vegetables as directed, not thinking too much. They smelled great. Then I tasted them. Holy crap. Ridiculously salty (and I do enjoy salt.) Unbearably salty. So salty, in fact, that I didn't think it would be a good idea to try to make soup because even if hte other soup ingredients cut the salt a bit, I'd either have to use broth (which would be salty, and thus add more salt) or use water, which might not lend enough flavor.

So instead I microwaved a potato and mashed it up with some of the sweet potato-cauliflower mixture and some sour cream. It's still really salty.

Lesson learned. 2 TBS salt to one cauliflower + 3 large sweet potatoes is too much. I could have guessed that. Bigger lesson, I guess, is to pay attention and trust your gut.