This is not a recipes I've used, it is a challenge to myself.
I'm scared of beets. (Also brussels sprouts, but that's a different animal.)
I asked some folks for suggestions, and here's what I got. Someday, I will try these things:

-raw beets shredded into a salad
-"shred beets, then saute in olive oil with garlic and onion. Add mustard, red wine vinegar, and salt and pepper at the end. Delicious! Brussels sprouts are good sliced thin and roasted on a tray or sauteed with a little nutmeg and lemon juice. They get a nice flavor when they caramelize."
-"boil them, and separately boil potatoes and carrots, chop everything up with a pickle and some scallions, and dress with vinegar, oil, black pepper, salt, and sugar. This is called "surprise salad" since you don't know what you're getting in every bite- everything is colored by the beets."

simple vegetarian chili

1 (14oz) can fire-roasted tomatoes (Trader Joe's)
1/2 an onion, chopped
2 cans of beans (1 black, 1 garbanzo), rinsed
chili powder

Run the tomatoes through the blender to pulverize. This seems to help the consistency and flavor of the chili--it spreads the tomato taste through the chili better than individual chunks do. Saute onions in oil until browned on the edges. Add tomatoes. Cook a little. Add beans and spices to taste. Add a little water if needed. Cook on medium for a while, until you get bored. This tastes better with more cooking/the second day, and tastes oddly good with broccoli.

UPDATE: I often double this recipe and use a finely chopped green bell pepper (sauteed with the onion - generally added after it has sauteed a bit already) . Also I add a few cloves of garlic. Sometimes paprika. It's pretty good and pretty easy.