I've been making this for breakfast:

Pizza dough (flour, salt, yeast, a little sugar, olive oil, water) rolled out very very thin (this seems easiest if the dough has actually risen and had the air knocked out of it and sat for a while, even though this recipe doesn't really need the dough to be airy or rise significantly.)

Covered with thinly-sliced nectarines

folded over, scored on top so that you can see the nectarines through little windows in the dough

baked for about 20 minutes at 450 degrees

It's pretty good.

It's easiest if you roll the dough out on parchment paper, and it's important to make sure the edges are sealed--the little windows on top are OK, but you don't want nectarine juice leaking out the sides or  bottom because a) it burns and b) that juice staying on the dough helps make a nice sweet moist dough-y situation.

Today I tried it with a mixture of ricotta cheese, powdered sugar, and almond extract spread on the dough before the nectarines.Also pretty tasty, roughly same amount of cooking needed.

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